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27 June 2007 @ 09:21 pm

Heylo everybody!

This is the VERY LAST two chapters of my fanfic.
This was my very first Meet the Robinsons fanfic, and I know it won't be my last! And it was my very first fanfic to be over twenty chapters!

I'm proud of this fanfic, very proud. But I am sad to be ending it. :(

I thank all of those who have read my fanfic! Those people who were there from the begining, or the middle, or the end. You all have made me blush, giggle, smile and laugh. I thank all of you:

irrel, thegirlin_14g, callmejude, enigmai, bandgeekgirl201, chalicity, moocowpink420, main_titles, fichan, twilightangel93, get_in_get_out, ghostlylurker, leaf_darkstar, figmentjedi, g0thic_drag0n, leaf_darkstar, brenda79, cutieangel06, hiryuu, sagibunu, liants48, and doodlegirll.

And a big thank you to those who read but did not post, are lurkers, or those who have not joined LJ, and those annoymnious (sp?) peoples I get! :)
Without you guys, I wouldn't have made such a great fic! :3
Now, here are the excerpts from chapters:

Chapter 49: Home after so long.
"Hey Lefty." Wilbur said to the surprised octopuss, Wilbur and Megan stepped inside the house.
The house haden't changed much in the three years he had been gone, he was glad to be back.
It was only two months until his graduation, Megans graduation had been a few months ago, and everybody in the Robinson and Yagoobian familes had attended.
"Mom? Dad? Guess who!" Wilbur called out into the empty living room.
In seconds his mother came running out from the hall that lead to the music room and attacked her son in a deep hug.
"My baby boy! Oh, I missed you so much!"
"Mom!" Wilbur mumbled. "You saw me two months ago."
"Thats to long!" Franny muttered, she let go of her son and caught sight of Megan. "Megan! My, how you've grown. How're you?"

Chapter 50: A shower of stars.
She dressed quickly and marched out of the guest bedroom into the kitchen where everybody was sitting around the long table, sipping juice or coffee and eating eggs.
They all bid her a mixed bunch of 'hellos' and 'good mornings', and she sat down and looked around the table. "Wheres Wilbur?" She asked when she didn't spot him.
Franny walked over to her and squeezed her shoulders. "He left with Cornelius, they went to go pick up some food for your family tonight. I'm so happy for you."
"Happy for me? Why? Because Wilburs left?" Megan raised an eyebrow. "Franny, do you like your son or what?"


(((The part about Megans feet is actually taken off of my feet. xD I can never stay still when I stand up. I move my feet constantly around, shifting my weight and moving my legs!)))

Chapter 49 and 50Collapse )
26 June 2007 @ 09:54 am

Hey guys! ^^

This is the 1st chapter to my new fanfic, Emotional Turmoil and Dinosaur Fights. ETandDF for short. ;)
Don't worry! I'm still writing the last two chapters on my other fanfic, its just that I want to get it right. 
(No more making Wilbur in love for me! Unless you guys like that, then -shrugs- we'll see then!)

Anyway, enjoy the chapter! :3

Emotional Turmoil and Dinosaur Fights.
Warnings: Basically don't read if you havn't watched the movie and don't want some major things spoiled. ;)
Summary: Bored, Wilbur decides to sneak into his fathers lab and try out an experiment, The Bird. When he accidently points it the wrong way, Tiny is suddenly shrunk to the size of a small bottle cap! Scared and not wanting to be caught, Wilbur goes back in time to have Lewis help him out of this mess. Wilbur Robinson never fails!...Except this time.
Characters: Carl, Wilbur, Franny, Lewis, Cornelius, some random people, maybe some family members. 
Other: Well, I really don't know what to say, actually. Basically, I hope you guys enjoy my fanfic, its actually my second 'real' fanfic of Meet the Robinsons, and offically my third fanfic ever. (The 1st was a Bottle Rocket fic, the second was MTR)! I'd say this fanfic might be 12 chapters long, to. So uh, enjoy! :)


22 June 2007 @ 03:27 am
Here are the next three chapters in TSR!

BTW: I drew a picture of Suz-128. It's in my journal. Scroll until you find it ;-)


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21 June 2007 @ 03:41 pm
Okay dokay. I went into a bit of a ditch, where I got no new ideas and had to have somebody beat me over the head with a baseball bat until something new came into my mind. Which would explain why these next two chapters are kind of, well, really, short. <.<

Sad news: Theres only two more chapters left after these! :(

Happy news: I'm starting my newest fic, Emotional Turmoil and Dinosaur Fights! :)
Happy dance!

Heres the excerpts:

Exceprt from Chapter 47. Reuniting with an old friend.
Wilbur waved to his parents as he sat down on the bus seat.
The bus started and left the bus stop, taking him to his new home.
He sighed and lay back, looking at the roof of the bus.
What was that feeling he had in his gut?
Loneliness? Homesickness? 
No...It was more of a knowing feeling. 
He knew something was bound to happen.
He wiped the feeling away and closed his eyes, ready to enjoy the bus ride to his collage.

Excerpt from Chapter 48.  A busy date.
Franny stood in front of her singing frogs, listening to Frankie sing.
"A house that rings with joy and laughter, and the ones that you love inside." Frankie sang as he swung with his microphone.
Franny smiled to herself and conducted the song until the end, then walked over to an empty table and sat down.
She closed her eyes and began to remember when Wilbur was younger, and remembered when he had gotten into trouble almost everyday.
She laughed to herself.
"Why are you laughing?"
Franny jumped and opened her eyes to see Cornelius standing in front of her. He grabbed and chair and pulled it out then sat down.

21 June 2007 @ 12:50 am
Well, here are the next three chapters in The School Report. This story is already 15 chapters long, and going really well...

Anyway, to...the cuts!


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20 June 2007 @ 12:16 am
Hi again, guys! OK, so I wrote this for a MTR fanfic contest on FF.net. The contest is closed, and only a couple people entered...anyway, this is my entry. I hope somebody here likes it!

Title: What's in a Name?
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Cornelius tells ten year old Wilbur why he named him what he did.
Notes: Hope this makes sense!

Hope you liked it! ;-)

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19 June 2007 @ 10:57 pm
OK, so here's my fanfic, The School Report. Or at least the first three chapters! 

I wrote this to be like the sequel to MTR for one of my best friends, Kathy. When we were leaving the theater after seeing this, she said she wished for a sequel, so I promised to write it for her for her birthday...

If you want, you could go to FF.net and check it out there, too! Anyway, to...the chapters!



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19 June 2007 @ 03:19 am
Hi again! Um...I need some help on one of my fanfics!

My fanfic is called Those Who Do Not Study History are Doomed to Repeat It, or Doomed to Repeat It for short. Here's the summary:

Wilbur's failing World and American History. How, he doesn't know. When he learns that his final exam is his last chance at a summer vacation, Wilbur steals the time machine again and goes back in time to see Lewis. He tells Lewis of his dilemma, and Lewis agrees (reluctantly) to help him. The two deside to go back in time to the places on Wilbur's Study Screen (study sheet) and witness the events for themselves. But knowing THIS duo, things are bound to go wrong!

Anyway, here's MY dilemma. I need events in history! I have:

1. Old West
2. Virginia 1607
3. The Greeks
4. The Leaning Tower of Pisa (We learn why it's leaning...)
5. The Wright Brothers (I can just see that plane going up in smoke)
6. Japan
7. Lewis and Clark
8. Inventors
9. The Mayas
10. Pirates

That's all I have at the moment...you can see I still need help. Does anyone have any ideas that would be interesting and/or hilarious? If you have any ideas, please let me know! I'd like this fic to last me a while!

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19 June 2007 @ 03:15 am
Hi, everyone! I'm new here on this community! I was a part of therobinsons but I'm not anymore for reasons unknown.

Anywho, it's really late right now or I'd post my fanfics...

Anyway, just wanted to post here for the first time! 

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