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04 July 2007 @ 09:36 am
Chapter 2 of Emotional Turmoil and Dinosaur Fights.  
Here's chapter two of my new fic, Emotional Turmoil and Dinosaur Fights.
I hope you guys enjoy!

BTW, Happy 4th of july everybody!!

Emotional Turmoil and Dinosaur Fights.
Warnings: Basically don't read if you havn't watched the movie and don't want some major things spoiled. ;)
Summary: Bored, Wilbur decides to sneak into his fathers lab and try out an experiment, The Cupid. When he accidently points it the wrong way, Tiny is suddenly shrunk to the size of a small bottle cap! Scared and not wanting to be caught, Wilbur goes back in time to have Lewis help him out of this mess. Wilbur Robinson never fails!...Except this time.
Characters: Carl, Wilbur, Franny, Lewis, Cornelius, some random people, maybe some family members. 
Other: Well, I really don't know what to say, actually. Basically, I hope you guys enjoy my fanfic, its actually my second 'real' fanfic of Meet the Robinsons, and offically my third fanfic ever. (The 1st was a Bottle Rocket fic, the second was MTR)! I'd say this fanfic might be 12 chapters long, to. So uh, enjoy! :)

Chapter 2. To the...past! 

"You hit Tiny!" Carl exclaimed.

He ran to Wilbur and grabbed the thirteen year old by the shoulders and shook him quickly. "How could you shoot Tiny?"

Wilbur got out of Carls grip and stared at the robot. "Carl! Wilbur Robinson never fails!"

Carl stared at him. "Whats this got to do with anything? Your fathers coming home tonight! If he finds out Tinys missing, you'll be dead and buried before you can say invisible cow!"

"Quit bringing that up!" Wilbur exclaimed. He walked past Carl and tapped his chin, thinking of a plan. "Okay, Carl. We can't panic." He turned and saw Carl mumbling to himself, grabbing his head and pacing.

"Carl! Thats panicking!" Wilbur shouted. "Stop! Your making me feel worried!"

"Wilbur Robinson, worried?" Carl laughed. "Its really possible!"

Wilbur shot a glare at Carl then looked at The Cupid. "Isn't there a reversing effect?"

Carl shook his head. "No, there isn't. Your dad was working on another machine to do just that, but he's been busy." Carl pointed to the cornor of the room where a unfinished project stood.

"Thats a reverser?" Wilbur asked, raising an eyebrow. "I could have sworn it was a junk pile. I've been throwing my gum and junk over there for at least a month."

Carl ignored him. "There must be someway to reverse this.."

Wilbur grabbed Carl by the shoulders suddenly and shook him hard. "Carl! How could you let me do this?" He cried. "Why would you just let that happen?"

"Me! Me?" Carl exclaimed. "I let this happen? Wilbur, you did this yourself. Nobody else is to bla-"

"I'm going to be grounded. Again." Wilbur moaned, letting go of his robot friend and running his hand through his cowlick nerveously. He turned to Carl and said in a shaky voice:

"Do you have any idea what its like to be grounded over and over and over again? Its not fun!"

"Whose panicking now!" Carl muttered, throwing his hands into the air and pacing again.

Wilbur quickly bit off two finger nails and ran his hand through his again. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he grinned cockily at Carl.

Carl stopped and dropped his shoulders. "No no no, I know that look."

Wilbur walked over to Carl and slung his arm around Carls shoulders.

Mr. Cool was back.

"Carl, Carl Carl." Wilbur muttered, shaking his head slowly. "I have it all planed. Don't worry."

Carl took Wilburs arm off of him. "Wilbur, your plans never work out! Remember that one time with the puppy?"

"How was I supposed to know it'd actually go down the toilet?" Wilbur exclaimed. "This plan will actually work. I promise." Wilbur assured Carl.

Carl put his hands on his hips. "You have one chance. If you blow it, I'm going straight to your mother."

Wilburs face quickly turned nerveous again but soon broke into another cocky grin. "Deal. Now, heres my plan. I go to the garage and get the time machine, dad forgot to lock the garage when he left thursday-"

"How do you know its unlocked?" Carl asked.

Wilbur rolled his eyes at Carl. "What a question. Anyway, I figure I go back in time and talk to Lewis, maybe I can convince him to come here and help me find Tiny. That way Tiny'll be found, I won't be in alot of trouble, and mom won't need to know about this incident!" As a finish Wilbur grinned a toothy smile and folded his arms.

Carl wasen't impressed. "Wilbur, don't you remember what happened last time? Going back to 2007 won't help you and you know it!"

"Of course going back to the year 2007 won't help me. Going back to 2007 and getting Lewis is going to help me."

Carl slapped his robotic forhead. "You know what I mean!"

"And you know what I mean!" Wilbur said, slapping his robot friend on the back. "Now, I'm going to go get the time machine now. You just make sure mom doesn't find out about any of this. Okay?"

Carl folded his arms and frowned at Wilbur. "Fine. One chance, do you got that?"

Wilbur waved his hand at Carl and quickly ran down the steps to the lab.

Carl shook his head and made a mental note to tell Cornelius Robinson to quit leaving the time machine in the garage and leaving the garage unlocked.

He reached the front hall of the Robinson mansion and opened the door that lead to the garage. He walked across the grass at first, then ran along quicker as he got closer. Wilbur looked behind him and around him before opening the garage door and stepping inside.

The garage was earily quiet as Wilbur trotted across the garage to the green time machine in the middle of the room. They had found the time machine stranded in a old alley when he and Cornelius had decided to look for it. It had taken almost all of Cornelius's strength to say yes to Wilbur when he had asked to drive it back to the future.

Wilbur swung himself into the time machine, barely noticing the small orange dinosaur clinging to the cuff of his pant leg.

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