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28 June 2007 @ 05:03 am
Hi, everyone!

OK, so I came up with this idea late one night, and I couldn't continue working on TSR until I at least got the prologue out on paper, so here it is! 

OK, info time...

Title: Accusations
Rating: G-PG
Warnings: None
Pairings: None
Summary: Accused of using an illegal element in an experiment, Cornelius Robinson is arrested. Bent on proving his father's innocence, Wilbur sets of to the past...again. But when Wilbur gets himself arrested for trying to help his dad, it's up to Lewis and the rest of the futuristic Robinsons to save them both!
Note: Jellonium is illegal because whoever comes in contact with it begins to have unnatural cravings for Jello and Jelly, causing them to eat it at every meal for a month and a half...I know. Crazy. 

Also, Jellonium is pronounced JELL-O-NEE-UM. Jewelosion is pronounced the way it's spelled...thought I might mention that...

I tried to give the prologue kind of a spooky feel, but like a couple other genres (romance, eerie, death and pain, sad) I'm not very good at it...so lemme know how I did here, please!


I don't know what's up with the fonts here...

Accused of using an illegal element in an experiment, Cornelius Robinson is arrested. Bent on proving his father’s innocence, Wilbur sets off to the past…again. But when Wilbur gets himself arrested for trying to help his father, it’s up to Lewis and the rest of the futuristic Robinsons to save them both!
The night was dark.
The neon lights of Todayland at night along with the light of the cresset moon gave off a faint glow across the calm waters of the Todayland River as a mysterious old-fashioned rowboat made its way across towards the Robinson Mansion.
The boat finally touched the shore on the other side, and the owner cautiously stepped out.
The mysterious suspect pulled the rowboat up onto the shore to make sure that it did not drift back into the water while they were finishing the job they had been assigned. They would not be gone long, but it was better safe than sorry.
The figure silently began to climb the steep hills that surrounded the Robinson Mansion. The figure stumbled clumsily many times, and if anyone had been around to witness it, they probably would have found it very funny.
But there was no one around, and that was the way the suspect wanted it. They finally left the rolling hills behind and stood directly in front of the home of the famous inventor, Cornelius Robinson.
The stranger smiled as they walked around the corner, having been this way before. They silently crept towards the back of the house, where they knew a way to get in.
However, they did not expect what lay ahead of them.
An enormous T-rex, curled up as if it was a puppy, was sleeping in their path. The mysterious stranger gulped. The Robinsons were known to have strange pets – genetically enhanced, singing frogs being the most widely known, but this was a completely new surprise.
The figure crept slowly around the sleeping prehistoric creature, hoping it wouldn’t wake up. It didn’t, much to the relief of the suspect, and they continued with their mission.
The figure then ran towards the topiary garden, which was the place where they would be able to gain access to the Robinson household. They knocked quietly on the garden Gnome. It slid away from the figure, revealing one of Cornelius’s most famous inventions, the Travel Tubes. The suspect smiled and stepped into the hole, the Gnome covering the hole again as they were swiftly carried through a series of Travel Tubes, which led to other various locations around the Robinson house. Finally, the suspect was dropped to the floor of the Robinson garage. They smiled. Everything was going according to plan.
The suspect made their way cautiously to a Travel Tube across the room, which they knew would take them to the hallway right outside of Cornelius Robinson’s laboratory.
Sure enough, the suspect found their self in the Robinson living room. They smiled to themselves as they crept towards the right hallway, where they knew they would find the door to the laboratory.
They didn’t, however, expect for the door with the lightning bolt on it to slowly open, causing a faint light to creep across the hall. The suspect dove behind the case of stairs that descended to the room of the Robinson family’s butler, Lefty.
The thirteen-year-old son of Cornelius Robinson yawned sleepily as he crossed the room and headed towards the kitchen, which was adjacent to the left side of the living room. His bare feet made almost silent slap-like sounds as he trudged across the cold linoleum floor. The sound of the water faucet running could be heard from where the suspect remained hidden in the shadows of the staircase, then the silent foot-slaps on the floor as Wilbur Robinson made his way back to his bedroom. The door closed behind him as he entered his room again. The suspect lingered in the shadows a few minutes more, making sure that the boy did not return.
He didn’t, and the suspect slinked towards the door to Cornelius Robinson’s laboratory. Opening them with a light, gentle push, they quietly jogged up the stairs to the moonlit workspace at the top. The suspect smiled. Their mission was almost over.
They scanned the area for the Travel Tube that would take them to Cornelius Robinson’s storage basement. Finally spotting it, they crossed the room and stepped under it.
They next thing they knew, they were standing in the Robinson basement, where Cornelius Robinson stored his extra parts and components, along with the substances such as Jewelosion, a liquid-like substance that would harden to take the form of priceless minerals. It was often used to make watches, replacing the now protected mineral Quartz.
The figure knew they didn’t have to be quiet down here, but they also knew they had to still be careful. They jogged off to the right, where they knew Cornelius stored his elements and substances.
The suspect climbed down the ladder to the bottom of the storage space. They reached into their pocket and brought out the most dangerous element there was – Jellonium.
Smiling, the suspect placed the small jar of Jellonium on a shelf near the ladder, then began to climb. They jogged back to the ladder than would take them back to the Travel Tube. They stepped under the Travel Tube and once again found themselves in Cornelius’s laboratory.
Making sure to close the lab door behind them, the stranger crept past Wilbur Robinson’s door and back to the Travel Tube that would take them to the garage again.
Once in the garage again, the suspect found the Tube that would take them back to the topiary garden. From there, they made their way around the Robinson Mansion and back down the hills towards their rowboat, which was waiting on the shore right where they had left it.
Smiling once more, the suspect climbed into the rowboat and began to row back towards the bright lights of Todayland. Their mission was complete.
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